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Along with having a website you want to make sure everyone gets to see it. Using all the social media platforms that are out there that are free are great ways to promote yourself. Also being consistant  with maintenance will keep your site content rich and engaging. It may take some time but in the long run you will generate a good flow of traffic. But sometimes you would need to invest a little money in purchasing traffic and using various platforms to give your site the extra exposure it needs.
Artist Affiliate utilizes these various platforms and the free ones like Craigslist and Backpage to help reach out to everyone in New Jersey. Below are the various platforms Artist Affiliate uses in it's campaigns. We provided brief descriptions and some advice on how to make it work for you. Feel free to experiment with them. If you are not experienced and need help, feel free to contact us.

We Promote Artist Affiliate using these Advertising Networks

About the Networks

It’s a Pay-Per-Click advertising platform that allows you to create text based ads that are placed alongside search engines and even on websites. You create your ad, add your fees and set how much each click will cost. The higher the bids the more your ad appears with a higher expectation of being clicked. The best way to make this work is start with small bids. Begin with 0.10 and increase by 0.02 if you are not achieving the number of clicks you want per day. You can also set the max amount you want to invest each day. For example, if you choose $5 at a .10 per click, then you will have 50 max visitors to your site each day. If you sign up with Bidvertiser your first time you will be given $20 worth of free clicks for opening an account.
If you are looking to target a niche market, in arts, entertainment, photography, music or crafts, then Revisitors is your best choice. This platform allows you to target globally, nationally or you can even just target the east coast. Best recommendation is to start with the small package which gives you 2,500 visitors at $19.95. This campaign works well if you are looking to brand your website and if you are looking to acquire sales.  So websites that have very attractive and inviting designs may achieve good results with Revisitors. The campaign may last from least a month or two until all visitors you purchased are completed.
This online advertising website focuses on various avenues to generate traffic using text ads, banners and full page ads. Use the text based ads first and experiment with banners and full page ads later. It is also important to set a budget for this one. The results will depend on which strategy works for you and how much you are investing in your ads. Clicks are priced at .10 to .15 cents.
If you are looking to brand your website globally then Full Traffic can accomplish it. This advertising campaign offers 10,000 visitors for just $7.50! Which is by far a great deal and you will receive visitors from all over the globe and if you are a craft or retail store looking to sell products overseas. You can refine your campaign with Fulltraffic but it will cost you over a $100. Use this platform minimally and be sure to check regularly your campaign.

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